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Our Beliefs

Many of the biggest impact investment disasters come from excessive optimism and inadequate skepticism. If we recognize and manage impact risk and avoid the losers, the winners will take care of return and impact themselves.

There is a general perception that impact investing meant having to sacrifice returns in exchange for a “feel-good” outcome. At HighImpact Capital Advisors, we reject this myth that there is a fixed pie, that impact can gain only at the expense of return.

We believe many of the biggest impact investment disasters come from excessive optimism and inadequate skepticism. If we recognize and manage impact risk and avoid the losers, the winners will take care of return and impact themselves.

We focus our investments in areas where no subsidies are required and remain insufficiently served by traditional capital markets while enabling faster progress towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Impact investing is growing globally across all asset classes as the financial industry shifts towards a more meaningful objective of generating social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Since 2016, there has been a 6x increase in investors considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. And ESG investing now accounts for one out of every four dollars under professional management in the world. The total is a stunning $2444 trillion in assets devoted to ESG investing. Moreover, growth in the ESG segment has been steadily trending upward for more than a decade.

So, we caution investors to recognize and do your homework on impact risks before putting money in ESG or impact investing.

The Challenges

The two of the greatest challenges of impact investing of our time are: returns and measurements.

First, uncertainty about whether impact investors can earn market rate of returns might limit non-impact investors’ appetite for impact investments. Impact investing first gained prominence among philanthropists who were willing to accept “sub-commercial” returns.Today, impact investors’ expectations vary; a growing segment of institutional investors seeks market rate of returns and has not been persuaded that impact investing can earn market rate of returns.

Second, the impact measurement has not yet evolved to the point at which a common standard has become widely accepted. Impact measurement does not yet have its equivalent of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). A lack of clarity about how investments are commonly measured gives rise to concerns about “impact washing” which deters potential investors, and about limited impact performance comparable across different investments which poses a challenge to investors who are trying to allocate capital to impact investments, and threatens the credibility of the industry.

Our Approach

As an active financial advisor, we aim to out perform market average. To this end, our investment strategy must maximize return and impact. We put return before impact in order to maximize both.

Our investment strategy is to maximize return and impact. Our experience taught us that an investor who puts impact before return will get neither. An investor who puts return before impact will get a high degree of both.

Many of the biggest impact investment disasters come from excessive optimism and inadequate skepticism. If we recognize and manage impact risk and avoid the losers, the winners will take care of return and impact themselves. Risk of impact investing comes from not knowing what we are doing. We never invest in any impact deal we cannot understand.

One of the great mistakes of impact investing is to judge it by its intentions rather than the results. We have three basic principles to help us focus on the results from day-one: the principle of intentionality, the principle of causality and the principle of measurability.

Intentionality implies that impact objectives have to be included initial identification of the investment. In other words, simply investing in assets with a positive impact is not enough for our impact investing. Explicit intent is to ensure that our investment will continue to produce impact over time.

More on the Intentionality

Causality requires us to demonstrate the desired effect is directly linked to the investment. Our investment has made a difference e.g., improvements in quantity or quality of impact compared with the situation prior to the investment

More on the Causality

Measurability is to what extent a desired effect of our investment can be measured and reported on the basis of defined performance outcomes.

More on the Measurements

The Expertise

We acquired a wealth of proprietary knowledge base, local expertise, and international networks to differentiate itself.

Our unique expertise includes:

Open Business Architecture - Dedicated to focus exclusively on impact investing that allows us to partner with traditional financial institutions for complementary impact investments offerings.

Information Edge - Through technical consulting and rating services, we have acquired intimate insight into many private companies, and can capitalize on this unique information advantage to invest in the best suitable companies.

Value Added Networks - Proprietary cross sector networks — public, private and philanthropy to provide value add to portfolio companies through knowledge sharing on best practices, training, and technical assistances.

Local Expertise - Engage a cross section of private and public investors on creating the best possible solutions to navigate complexChinese market.

Analytics - Accumulated global value-added network, local expertise and a proprietary knowledge base comprised of over tens thousandsNBFI entities including their financials which we can model and assess their risk rating and credit quality.

Long Game Oriented - privately owned which enable us to take the long view and not be affected by the short-term fluctuations.

Our Team

Decades of professional experience with elite firms have helped mold our firm’s value and culture. We are guided by core value. This means that we always put client interest ahead of our own and deliver more for clients than expected, uphold absolute integrity, and focus on making our investments successful.

Steven Ying

Steven Ying

Mr. Steven YING is the Managing Partner of High Impact Capital Advisors. With BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance all from NYU, Steven has worked in the private sector for more than 25 years since he began his career, first as a research scientist at IBM in upstate New York. After business school, Steven worked for McKinsey & Co in Hong Kong as a management consultant, advising multinational corporations. After that, as the Managing Director of Cisco Systems, Steven was responsible for its Asia Pacific telecom businesses.‍

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MA Weihua

MA Weihua

Mr. MA Weihua is former CEO and Governor of China Merchants Bank, the most important private bank in China, and also former President of Wing Lung Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. Mr. Ma is seen as the leading innovator on the China banking scene. Mr. Ma is President of the renowned China Entrepreneurs Club (its members are the most prominent leaders of Chinese largest private enterprises e.g. Alibaba, Fosun, Lonovo, Geely Motors, Taikang Life Insurance, Minsheng Bank and etc.); Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute (among the five founders are Bill Gates and‍

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Teresa Lin

Teresa Lin

Ms. Teresa Lin as extensive experience in the banking and financial industry in the region. Prior to joining DBS Bank, Teresa held senior positions at financial institutions including Dao Heng Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Citibank and Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. In June 2011, she was appointed Honorary Advisor of The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers. Recently she turned to philanthropy and is the Executive Director of L plus H Community Interest Company Ltd. to create jobs in Hong Kong and We R Family Foundation Ltd., a charity foundation to support the‍

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Elliott Donnelley

Elliott Donnelley

Mr. Elliott DONNELLEY II is founding general partner of the White Sand Investor Group, LP. Outside of his work in investments, Mr. Donnelley serves on the board of Stanford’s Global Project Center, the LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation, the World Affairs Council of Northern California, and as Chairman Emeritus of the Philanthropy Workshop West. From 1989 to 1991 Mr. Donnelley lived and worked in Beijing; he now travels to China 6-12 times a year where in addition to managing investments he has been working to promote best models and practices in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and impact investing. He has appeared as featured speaker at numerous‍

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