Senior Associates for Impact Investment

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Job Description

The role of Senior Associate for Impact Investment is to help screen and execute portfolio of current and future investments. He/she will perform such duties as:

  • Assess the value and analyse the risks that may be involved in debt securities like bonds or any other financial products.
  • Research and evaluate the market condition, analyses the trends and guide the investor on the most significant risk factors like the credit and interest rate risk.
  • Work in close association with the front office staff members and conduct market research.
  • Acquire data to help properly analyse the risk exposures, provide due diligence support for clients, and prepare “roadshow" materials for prospective investors.

The job requires BS/BA in Finance or Economics and 3+ years related experience in finance or consulting. MBA or advanced degree is preferred. Other required skills include:

  • Financial analysis skills to help develop and deliver financial analyses across a variety of industries, and to help develop appropriate financial solutions.
  • A good understanding of key financial performance drivers.
  • Knowledge of balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, P&L, etc.
  • Highly effective at structuring financial problems, problem-solving, financial modelling and analysis, and as well as client’s communication and presentation skills.
Senior Associates for Impact Investment